Teasing Bunnies Can Be Fun (ooh am I cruel or what?)

Seriously though, these darn booby rabbits (my new nickname for bunny rabbits) are so demanding, you can't help but tease them every once in a while. Okay, maybe you can, but I certainly can't! Plus, aside from these bunnies, I have absolutely no life, so it can sure beef up a slow night.

One of my favorite things to do is with Baby Fwan, why do I call her that, because I am an idiot okay? Thanks. Moving on, like I was saying, Fran and Thumps love carrots like any other bunny. What I love to do sometimes is put fresh hay in the litterbox, brand new Oxbow Hay or what have you, and then call the troops in to alert them of the new addition. Then, to get rid of Thumper, I give him a carrot and off he goes to hide away and eat. Now, Frannie is sitting right in the litterbox giving me the look as if to say "Ok, where's mine chump??".

Normally, I give it to her, this time, naaa. I just wait for her to accept it and she instantly starts eating the brand new hay. What I do then is wait for her to get a mouthful of hay, then stick the carrot right in front of her mouth to offer it to her. Only problem here, is that she can't grab it right then because she is full of hay. So she starts to chew the hay, in anticipation of getting the carrot when she is done. So, I walk away :) I walk to my room and guess who is right in tow?? Yup, Frannie. She has her best WTF look on her face also.

If she didn't eat the couch that day I will give her the carrot right then, if she did then I might do it again :) I am a heartless bastard, I know, the love has been bred right out of me I guess.

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