The Bun Life - How Bunnies Give Every Situation a CPU Rating

No, I am not talking about the kind of CPU rating that people rate computer processors with. I am talking about how domestic bunnies rate every possible situation with one simple rating, the CPU, better known as the Chance that I will get Picked Up rating. This applies to bunnies that hate getting picked up, which is probably 90% or better. There are those rare ones that absolutely love getting picked up and held. My dwarf bunny Sydney LOVES being held, but hates being picked up, which obviously causes some conflict. He runs and hides when I approach the playpen, and I have a whole array of tricks to get him into a position where I can pick him up.

I have used strings to pull cage doors closed from a distance, so he can't run into his hidey box, and many more similar type strategies. I always win, it is just a matter of how hard I am willing to work at picking him up, he knows this, even sometimes when he makes it to his hidey box I keep at it. I will open the cage, disconnect the playpen, clear everything out of his cage until it is just me and him, and he still avoids me by sitting in the far corner. It is the funniest thing ever, I laugh the whole time I am doing it, he is such a stubborn little devil. Yet when I finally pick him up, he licks my hand and just loves to be held, falling asleep in my lap, what a good boy.

That just shows you his natural fear of being picked up. Thus, Sydney gives every situation that involves me an extremely high CPU rating. Same goes for Thumper and Frannie, even if I walk up close and offer a carrot, they always hesitate and approach with caution, if I make any sudden moves they dart away, they give me a high CPU rating as well, they act as if I am the Grim Reaper for god's sake. God forbid I get picked up!!!!! Ohh NOOOOO! I've been picked up!! Ohh the bunanity!

So remember what CPU really means the next time you approach your bunnies.

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