The Bun Life - Gas Bubble or Stasis?

I went to feed my dwarf bunny Sydney yesterday morning, same time as usual, same way as usual. I noticed that he wasn't running around the enclosure like a wild man as he normally does when I start getting the food ready. I know my rabbits like I know myself, so I notice anything out of place. I put the food down, he was sitting doing his loaf of bread impression as bunnies do, no interest in the food. Ooh, that isn't good. I go get a carrot, nope. I thought maybe he just wasn't hungry, but it was not normal. I decided to pick him up to examine him, as I was carrying him didn't lick my wrist on my left hand, and he ALWAYS does that, every time. I get him on my lap and he wasn't grooming me at all, which is his trademark, his claim to fame, the ultimate groomer.

I feel his stomach and it feels a little bloated. I try to take his temp but there isn't a chance in hell of him letting me. Alone, I just can't manage it without hurting him. So, I give him some simethicone and start doing tummy massages. I actually held him up to my chest on an angle and started kneading his belly. He seemed to like that, so I did it for like an hour. I put him back down. He went into a loaf of bread again. So I let him rest for awhile. A couple hours later, I check on him and he is eating! Great, now he seems fine.

I am just wondering if it was the beginning of stasis and I just caught it, or was it just a gas bubble? Hmm, either way I am glad he is okay of course.

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