The Bun Life - Fun Fran and the Banana Man

I always thought that Thumps and Fran hated bananas, Thumps I know for a fact does. Which is surprising because you could toss a jock strap in his bowl and he'll probably eat it, but for some reason bananas are a no go with him. For some reason I thought Fran was the same way, evidently I was wrong.

It was a normal evening, Fran getting a drink of water while hanging her ears in it, Thumps under my couch devouring it from the inside out, business as usual. I motion for Fran to come over quietly, I didn't want to alert Thumps, I had a piece of banana and was curious to see if she would take it. She lazily walked over, took the piece of banana, and basically inhaled it like a cigarette! I was like "Ok, guess she does like banana"

Let me tell you, every single time I go anywhere near the refrigerator, she is waiting in angst for the off chance that a piece of banana is coming. I can't get rid of her now, she is like that dog that follows you home from school. Yeah almost just like that, except Fran isn't a dog, plus I am not going to school, plus I wasn't on my way home. okay, maybe it is not like that at all. Who knows anymore, I gotta go out and by 6 barrels of bananas now.

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