Frannie Hangs Her Ears in the Water

I just noticed it the other day, Frannie walks over to get a drink from her water bowl and while she drinks she lets her floppy ears hang down in the water. Wonder if she does this on purpose, or is just too lazy and spoiled to so much as lift her ears out of the water when drinking. Bunnies have so many peculiar character traits, it is amazing. Everything from the way they communicate with each other, as well as with us humans, is very subtle. The longer you have them, the more little things you notice.

Case in point, I noticed the other day how it is perfectly acceptable for Thumps to walk away from Frannie after getting groomed. However, if Frannie should try to ditch Thumps after being groomed, he gives a loud thump and charges her until she turns around and reciprocates the gesture. Not a bad system, humans should use it also, it would makes things a lot smoother in the bedrooms of married couples wouldn't you say? Well, at least for us men anyway :)

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