Bunnies Have A Penchant For Chewing Speakerwires & Computer Cables

I work in IT, and from home as well, so my computer equipment is very vital to my day to day living. Thumper, my albino white lop bunny rabbit, doesn't really understand this; actually he even told me point blank that inhaling my wires is one of his "long-term goals". Well, around the time I first brought Thumps home, he made his way past the gate and into my computer room. 10 minutes later I was driving up to the electronics store to buy new PC speakers.

20 minutes and $200.00 after that, I was on my way home with my brand new computer speaker setup. I got them home, hooked them up to my PC and went in the bathroom for a second. Little did I realize that the gate to the computer room didn't close all the way, and Thumps made his way in for a second round of chewing. I exited the bathroom, only to look in horror at what that little ball of claws and fuzz did to my computer speakers...my BRAND NEW speakers.

I reprimanded Thumps, which worked really well by the way, and then went to the store and acted like I brought the box home and I found the speakers chewed up. They didn't believe me, but I didn't care; no way was I laying out another few hundred bucks for a new stereo system. I eventually got yet another replacement system and amazingly Thumper got in the room again after I hooked them up and destroyed....just kidding, there was no third time. I had learned a valuable lesson: if thou ever shall be faced with hardship or obstacles, just lie and cheat your way through it, things will be alright.

I think Freud said that right? Maybe it was Bill Cosby instead, whatever.

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