The Bun Life - Census Bureau Lady Person Researcher Woman Visit

About a month ago, I got a letter in the mail (where else do you get letters right?) that warned me, okay told me, about a visit I would be getting from a survey person. That person is from some group doing a study on some subject. If I am ultimately chosen, after answering a few basic questions, to participate in the hour long survey, that I would receive thirty bucks cash. Hey shit, who doesn't need thirty bucks cash right? After all, that's like 8 bags of spring mix for the kids (bunnies).

So, I sat in my apartment for a month, waiting with wings for this survey person. She finally made my millenium by knocking on the door and offering me the survey. Okay, I totally had forgotten about it the second I tossed the letter, but what the hell. I grilled her a little bit to make sure it wasn't some scam to get social security numbers for identity theft (yes, people do that) and when I was certain she was legit I let her in. Well, once she saw Frannie hanging out by the TV it was all over, "Ohhhh mmmyyyy, you have BUNNIES???" and then we talked about bunnies for an hour. After that she asked me the basic questions and then her computer told her I was selected to participate in the hour long survey. She was like, "Oh great, I get to come back and see the bunnies again!"

She came back the next day and we did the survey. Only took an hour, and she handed me thirty bucks and a receipt that said so. When she left I saw that the receipt had check boxes to either accept the money or decline the money. I was like YEAH RIGHT, decline free money while crackheads are up at Waldbaums asking me to let them charge my groceries on their welfare card so I can give them cash in return?? Helllll no! You know why they need cash right?? If you don't then you are the one who agreed to do it :) Crack dealers don't take produce in place of Jefferson's. I just thought it was funny how they had that option, even more funny was that the lady never told me about it. That just tells me that she felt the same way I did.

Deny Baby Fwan her 8 bags of spring mix so the crackheads can keep welfare in business?? I think not.

The Bun Life: New Product "Self Bunny Catching Carrier"

Okay, I know what you are saying, "What the hell is a self catching bunny carrier?", right? Well, if that isn't what you're saying then you should be! Thumper, my white giant albino fluffy lop bunny rabbit (how many adjectives?) needed to be brushed the other night. Frannie did too but I brushed her and was done with it. Thumper, on the other hand, was determined to not be picked up and brushed no matter what the cost.

After pointlessly chasing him around the living room for an hour, I decided to get the bunny carrier out. I would place it down on the ground, open the door, and try to herd him into it by chasing him that way. It didn't matter what I did, he wasn't going in the damn carrier. Then, I was paged by work (of course), and I went into the computer room to do some work. I just left the carrier laying on the ground where it was.

After about an hour of working, I walked out to get Thumper a carrot. Only problem was, I couldn't find him. I tipped the couch over and only found Baby Fwan, no Tumps. I started thinking about that game show, "Where In The World Is Carmen Tumpie Rabbits?" Then after about 5 minutes of looking all over, I turned to glance at the carrier and guess who was sitting in the carrier all peaceful with the door closed? Thumper! Okay, I lied about the door being closed part. Lassie he definitely ain't, but caught he definitely was.

I couldn't believe that he didn't run out of the carrier even after seeing me come in the room. I was laughing my tail off. Okay, that was yet another lie, I don't have a tail, but a girl I once dated did. Her prom dress was a nightmare to tailor. Anyway, back to the important thing, the self bunny catching carrier. I am now selling them for $275.00 plus luxury tax (so Fran can live in the lap of luxury), hey they are a great buy, all you have to do to catch the bunny is place it down and walk away for an hour. When you return your bunny will be chilling out in the carrier waiting to be caught (if he has rocks in his head like one white rabbit I know).

The Bun Life - Bunnies and m&m's???

'Twas the night before absolutely nothing and all through the house (apartment), not a creature was stirring (except 2 my two free range bunnies) not even a mouse. The bag of m&m's dangled from my hand with care, not knowing that Thumper would soon be right there. I was scratching and snoring when, from the other side of the living room, arose a clatter. I jumped up from my slumber to see what the hell was the matter. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but my stupid fluffy white bunny rabbit eating a bag of m&m's!!

I was horrified to see Thumper chewing on my bag of regular m&m's. I jumped up and immediately took it away from him. Thankfully there wasn't that many left, I think he ate five or six, maybe even less. I watched both him and Fran closely for the rest of the night, thankfully they are fine. Would you believe it, that little white devil spends his time sniffing the carpet and licking the carpet looking for more m&m's!!

I looked up a bunch of stuff on the web, some good and some bad, mostly I watched him and Fran. Fran was doing wheelies all night while Thumper chased her around the apartment trying to face hump her, business as usual to me. These crazy bunnies, thank god my mistake didn't cost poor Thumps his life. No more candy in that room that's for sure.