The Bun Life - Bunnies and m&m's???

'Twas the night before absolutely nothing and all through the house (apartment), not a creature was stirring (except 2 my two free range bunnies) not even a mouse. The bag of m&m's dangled from my hand with care, not knowing that Thumper would soon be right there. I was scratching and snoring when, from the other side of the living room, arose a clatter. I jumped up from my slumber to see what the hell was the matter. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but my stupid fluffy white bunny rabbit eating a bag of m&m's!!

I was horrified to see Thumper chewing on my bag of regular m&m's. I jumped up and immediately took it away from him. Thankfully there wasn't that many left, I think he ate five or six, maybe even less. I watched both him and Fran closely for the rest of the night, thankfully they are fine. Would you believe it, that little white devil spends his time sniffing the carpet and licking the carpet looking for more m&m's!!

I looked up a bunch of stuff on the web, some good and some bad, mostly I watched him and Fran. Fran was doing wheelies all night while Thumper chased her around the apartment trying to face hump her, business as usual to me. These crazy bunnies, thank god my mistake didn't cost poor Thumps his life. No more candy in that room that's for sure.


  1. Weeeelll, M&M's are yummy. My Haven will steal any food he can. I caught him eating my pizza crust the other night. Little stinkers.

  2. I'm so glad your bunrabs are ok. What a scare.

    The other night, when I left the room for 5 minutes, Honey got a hold of the Trader Joe's 72% cacao bar I'd left on my nightstand... she nibbled right through the wrapper, silly bun! She had no ill effects from it— was I ever thankful and relieved!