The Bun Life - Why Do They Do That?

I brought Thumps to the rescue the other night, I volunteer there weekly to clean the cages, feed them , etc. I wanted Nancy, the woman who owns the house where the rescue bunnies reside, to help me cut his nails because Thumps practically turns me into swiss cheese when I try to cut his nails. He pulls away every time right before I cut the nail, by the time I am done I am so nervous I feel like I drank a trillion cups of coffee. So my thinking is that 2 people would be needed to cut his nails right? One to hold him, and the other to cut. Nope.

I am sure you other bunny owners can sympathize with me on this one, don't you hate it when your bunny behaves perfectly for a complete stranger than they do for you? I hate that :) Nancy was holding him in her arms when she came down. I wanted to shoot him! He NEVER lets me hold him, if i so much as even think of picking him up he bites my Achilles heel off (okay I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean). That stupid fat lop albino white fluffy booby rabbit!! Okay, I am done insulting Thumper now. Then she cut his nails, ALL BY HERSELF! Unreal, I could kill him. He just sat there like a good old hospital patient while she did what she needed to do. If that was me it would've taken about 4 days to sit there and cut each nail while he jostled and pulled away each time.

Why do they do that? When my sister comes over he jumps up onto the couch into her lap. Oh the humanity! Why doesn't he jump into my lap?? Because in his mind, I am the food getter, the guy that brushes my hair, the guy that talks to me like a stupid baby, and the guy that tries to stuff me in a carrier when I don't want to be. So his first thought is to run when he sees me coming, so sad. Oh well, guess I'll just go watch soap operas with Baby Fwan, I think The Buns of Our Lives is on.

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