The Bun Life - Close Call

Wow! I couldn't believe the close call I had the other day with Thumps and Frannie. I live in an apartment building and on the lower floor. The people above me all have small dogs in their apartments. Well the other day, I am getting ready to go out, remember T & F are free range now, so I open my front door to leave and just at that exact moment one of the upstairs neighbors is coming down the stairs with their dog. It was a small chihuahua type thing. This thing was not on a leash and made a bee line right for my living room, WHERE MY BUNS ARE!! He bolted between my legs and I frantically swirled around and grabbed the dog with both arms, lifting him up and putting him down outside my apartment door. Whew! What a horrible feeling that was, don't get me wrong I love dogs and everything, but if he had attacked my buns it would've been the end of him right then and there. The idiot neighbor should have had him on a leash. He said that he puts the leash on in the hallway. I told him that is not good enough. He agreed thankfully, so we didn't have to get loud or anything. For some reason I think it is all Fran's fault, I don't know why but I just do.

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