The Bun Life - New Gas Chamber Idea For Fuzzy Wuzzles

After about 10 min of sitting on my lap breathing in the nebulizer with her head in one position, Fuzzy was having no more of it. She would squirm and turn her head the whole time, thus wasting the nebulizer meds. So I decided to turn my carrier into a temporary gas chamber for Fuzzball.

I read about the benefits and disadvantages of using a chamber with bunnies. Nevertheless, I have to nebulize her twice a day so there is no way she will sit through 45 minutes a day of me holding her head one way. I don't think she would like the mask, plus I can do other things while she is being gassed.

Here is my version of the Ghettobulizer:

Not Bad Huh?


  1. That's not bad! You should see the one I used on my Papillon when I had to nebulize him, and we did it for months because he had a chronic issue. The only thing I would worry about would be making sure Fuzzy doesn't get too warm, you may want to throw an icepack or two in there for her to lay on in case she gets warm.

  2. Thanks. I thought that the airhole would be enough but I am thinking of making her a mask now anyway. I think too much is lost on the fur and stuff.