The Bun Life - Tons of Abandoned Rabbits Rome Free in Florida

I found this article in the NY Times today and I was very depressed after reading it. I work in rabbit rescue, so I know how bad the domestic rabbit situation is, I see it first hand. Every time I go to the rescue, the other volunteers have some new horror story to tell. This one abandoned 5 rabbits here, this one dumped a litter of 7 there, and on and on it goes.

After seeing what people do to each other, it doesn't surprise me to hear what they do to rabbits. It makes me sad to think that those bunnies are probably scared and hungry, and I look at my fat, lazy, ungrateful, over indulgent bunny rabbits here and just sigh. If Thumper and Fran only knew what life could be like for them, maybe they would leave my couch alone.

I was thinking of doing like a field trip with Thumps and Fran, take them to areas where abandoned homeless rabbits live, like they do with city kids by taking them to prison and trying to scare them straight. I could just see Thumps now, looking at the scared bunny rabbits, then asking me "You mean, they don't get fresh garden greens and Evian water EVERY night like we do???"

Spoiled wabbits.

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  1. LOL! Frannie must be trying to give back from her wild bun running days :) You are too funny man.