Bun Life Intro - Part Dooh

Ok, back again. So it was me, Baby Fwan, LT, and my ghetto ass couch; all in a cozy one bedroom apartment. Mind you, I work from home, so we spend a LOT of time together, so there is no set it and forget it with these bunny rabbits. After a while, I started volunteering for the Long Island Rabbit Rescue, where I adopted Frannie from. They are my new best friends, and some the best people you will ever meet, wabbits or no wabbits.

So, the best way to help out a bunny rescue is to help clean the rescue and the rabbits living quarters, this is the dirty part of rescue. Rabbits, in case you didn't know, can easily be litter trained and their poops normally come out hard and pellet like. Very easy to clean up, as long as they don't have a digestive ailment which makes their poops soft, then you're in for a real treat, NOT!

I show up every week, once a week, to clean the rescue (essentially a basement in the home of one of the rescue's founding members) and I live pretty far away so once a week is all I can really swing, with my job and all. One week, I come in for my shift, and see this little angel of a Netherland Dwarf bunny rabbit sitting in one of our cages, just staring at me. He knew this was his shot, and he brought his A game, believe you me. His name tag read "Doc" but I thought that name sucked, especially since we refer to our favorite vet as "Doc". I brought him home and named him Sydney, he is the baby of the family:

Sydney The Terrible

Cute huh? As a button. Looks sweet huh? Sure does. Probably the gentlest little guy in the whole wide world right? Not a chance. See how those ears are tucked back? That is not for cuteness effect, that is his attempt to make himself as aerodynamic as possible, so when he charges your ankles he can fly through the air at top speed!

Sydney, loves being held, and is the gentlest most affectionate bunny I have ever "held". Only problem is that he hates being picked up, or when you come near his cage on foot, or when you reach in his cage for him, or if you happen to be breathing or existing within 9 miles of his cage. The trick is to pick him up without giving him the opportunity to shred you in pieces first. If you can do that, you will be holding the sweetest bunny in the world, who will groom your arm and fall asleep in your lap for hours. Just don't put him down, EVER!

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