The Hotel - Bunny Paradise

When I first got Thumper, he wasn't 'fixed' yet, so of course he was kinda crazy. The first thing he would do when you let him out of his cage, was run about 9000 circles around you. After a few hours of this, he would then grab his furry ball that we bought for him, and hump away for another hour. While this made for great entertainment, I couldn't help feel like we were invading Thumper's privacy.

Don't get me wrong, I know the Patriot Act made things like this legal, but the least I could do was give Thumps some 'time to himself' if you know what I mean. Then I discovered how much bunnies love cardboard boxes, how cutting holes in boxes and turning them upside down can make a great little hideaway for a bunny. So I did just that, I made a pretty good sized box for him, and I called it his 'Hotel'. Little did I know that Thumper would go on to treat it more like a motel.

I had company over for dinner, Thumper was eager to get out of his cage (wasn't free range then) so i decided to let him out for a little while. He runs out, grabs his little humping ball, then proceeds to head right for the hotel. He drags himself and the humping ball into the hotel, and then starts pounding away. The whole time he is doing this, the hotel is shaking like crazy, looking like an earthquake was tearing his hotel down.

We all laughed so hard for about an hour, boy he had us in stitches. When he stopped he came out of the hotel, did a little binky, then went and laid down. I was gonna offer him a cigarette but I decided against it. That was the time I decided he needed to be neutered right away.

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