The Bun Life - My Female Bunny (Frannie) Closeup, Lord Help Us

Well, I had my camera out tonight and was trying to take a couple decent photos of my buns. Of course, they are all masters at making it impossible for me to get any halfway decent photo. I never met bunnies who NEVER stood still continuously for hours on end. Every time I click the snapshot button, I look at the result on the digital screen and I always have a pic of the back of their head or the wall or something useless. Darn wabbits.

This time I tried to take a pic of Baby Fwan in her litter box, and she must have leaned in to inspect the lens at the last second, and then I got the most shocking closeup of any living thing ever! A closeup of Baby Fwan:

Now I always knew Frannie was a mutt, and ugly in a cute sort of way, but oh my Lord Jesus in Heaven. Does my Honey Bunches of Oats really look like this in the light?? Was I drunk when I adopted her?? Good God!

The worst thing I could have done is show this to Frannie also, she got so upset that she bit my big toe nail clean off, peed in my sneakers, and tore up the only in-tact part of the southern couch. (I give the couches map legends now :))

Well, the good news is that Fran has agreed to start waxing 6 days a week, plus I am gonna get a new whisker accessory for the Flowbee.


  1. Awww! Poor Fwan is not ugly! Okay, maybe a little, but ugly in a cute sorta way. How dare you exploit poor Frannie on here, have you no shame JJ?

  2. No No NO! There are no ugly buns, only ugly hoomins! LOL! That face is begging to be smooched.

  3. lol, hoomins, you know I was off the boards for a while and wasn't sure what that meant, then I got it. That's how a bunny says human, duh!