Bun Life Intro - Third Time's a Charm (yeah right)

Well maybe it was a charm, because I was about to bring in my 4th bunny, and complete the sacred Circle of Aggravation, I mean Life. I wanted to find a partner for Sydney, aka Squibbles, aka The Nut, aka Absolute Psychotic Bunny Wabbit. I brought him to the rescue to see if we could try some potential mates out. After quite a few, all of which Squibbles tussled with, we brought in Fuzzy; another Dwarf gray colored rabbit. She is the epitome of "Dwarf", believe it:

Fuzzy, is now named Fuzzby. I was watching Court TV the night I got her and I saw a case about a guy who without a doubt killed his wife, but he was blaming it on some guy named Danny Buzzby (spelling??). I was thinking of a new name for my microscopic rabbit, and I decided on mixing Fuzzy with Buzzby, and out came the name Fuzzby.

Fuzzby is the quiet soul of the group, and she has had a little bit of a respiratory ailment (pseudamonis) since I brought her home. She is on meds (Zithro) and hopefully will be able to get rid of it, although the Doc says she might have it forever since she is an older bun.

So until she gets better, no bonding with The Nut. Now instead of the originally intended 2 bonded pairs, I now have a pair and two singles. What a setup. You wouldn't believe the things that go on here, and you haven't even really "met" Frannie and Thumps yet, not really anyway, wait until that happens. You will see just how demanding bunnies can be.

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