Bun Life Intro

My name is Jim and I am crazy about bunnies! Seriously, I love bunnies more than you will ever know, or actually you might know soon enough. I got my first bunny a few years ago, his name is Thumper (real original name I know) and he took over my life since that very first day. He now must be referred to only as "Lord Thumper", which is ridiculous I know, but if I don't use that name he will make my life a living hell. In case you're wondering, this is Lord Thumper:

Lord Thumper Bunny Rabbit

You don't have to tell me how idiotic he looks with that stupid crown on his head, I know believe me. Once I got LT, I wanted to find him a bonded bunny partner, a girlfriend of sorts. Well, I called around, met this wonderful group of people The Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, and that was when I adopted my second bunny rabbit...Francesca, aka Frannie, aka Baby Fwan, aka Fwibbety Fwan Fwan, and I could go on all night. Anyway, here is Frannie:

Fwannie Bunny Rabbit
Needless to say, she is a real head turner, and she just happens to be my soul mate. Too bad Fran doesn't really reciprocate those feelings, well she does to Thumper anyway. I do know for a fact that Frannie loves at least one thing unconditionally, and here is a picture of it, or at least what is left of it:
My beautiful ex-couch, when I moved in to this new apartment with my new couch and my new bunny rabbits, I felt really....umm...new I guess. Not anymore, Baby Fwan has eaten my couch, and now she and Thumps live under the couch, taking up residence in the wooden cove between the two reclining seats.

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  1. Hi there! Welcome to the world of bunny blogs. Your bunnies are wonderful.