The Bun Life - Bunny Flop Extraordinaire, Thumper Does His "Bunny Getting Shot" Impression (VIDEO)

I thought I had seen Thumper's best flops, but this one was great. Not only was I lucky enough to see it, but I was even more lucky to have gotten it on video. And now, without further delay:

Isn't that hilarious? He is so fat and white and lazy he just makes me laugh when I see the funny things he does. He loves to lay next to Fran and kind of roll onto his side into her. He leans on his big tubby belly and jelly rolls over to her LOL! Too funny Thumps, too funny.


  1. my Chelsea does that all the time..great capture! It's my second-favorite bunny move-- right after the full binky!

  2. But what about the Full-On-Frannie??? Isn't that better?


  3. LOL, love pilllow! I love that term!!