The Bun Life - Stop Staring At Me!!

I was watching TV the other night, I glanced over to see what Frannie and Thumps were doing. Incredibly, they were doing nothing, whoulda thought right? Anyway, I look to my left and I see Frannie sitting near the cage, but she is looking at me, well.. gawking at me is more like it. I thought nothing of it, then went into the office, I glance over at the door and who is at the gate, staring at me? Fran. I ask her what she wants, but Frannie doesn't speak english very well, so I gave her a carrot thinking that would keep her busy.

So I sit down to work and I glance over at the door, and who is there, eating a carrot AND staring at me?? Baby Fwan is right. I felt bad and gently explained to her that I was much older and that we could never be a couple, due to the fact of the age difference, and that someday she would make some couch very happy indeed. Well, she stared at me the rest of the night, so I am worried that she might be posessed, maybe by the spirit of my dead couch!!.


  1. Frannie doesnt want to date you or be a couple with you. She is considering whether or not you would be tasty and how to go about eating you hoomin.

  2. She wonders what I would look like with a leaf of Kale on top of my head and a carrot in my mouth!