The Bun Life - Baby Fwan's Top Ten Love Songs of All Time

Here is a list I found of Baby Fwan's favorite love songs of all time. Man, if you thought my linguistics post was stupid, you ain't seen nuttin yet!

1.   Saving All My Love For Fwan - by Whitney Houston
2.   Hungry Fwan - from the movie Dirty Dancing
3.   You Give Fwan a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
4.   Fwan Bites - by Def Leopard
5.   Can You Feel The Couch Tonight - by Elton John
6.   How Do You Talk To a Fwan Fwan - by The Heights
7.   The Power of Hay - by Celine Dion
8.   Fwannie in a Bottle - by Christina Aguilera
9.   I Would Do Anything For Fwan (But I Won't Move Out) - by Meatloaf
10. Nothing's Gonna Change The Pellets I Give You - by Glenn Medeiros

So there you have it, the absolute stupidest paragraph of text you have ever read, to date anyways.


  1. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Poor Frannie, I hope he hasnt been singing those songs to you.

  2. He???? Baby Fwan is a she!!! Unreal, my top commenter doesn't even know what sex Baby Fwan is! Life sucks. lol:)

  3. When I said "he" I was referring to you bud. The HUMAN singing songs to the buns. We pays strict attention to those details around here.

  4. LOL, I just realized what you meant by he, you were talking to Frannie. First day with the new brains.