The Bun Life - Scaredy Cat! I Mean Bun!

As all six of you very well know, I am the proud father of four bunnies, not just Baby Fwan. One of them is a big fat pure albino white lop named Thumper. Gorgeous bunny, petting him is like hugging a pile of feathers. Anyway, albinos have a thing with their vision where they constantly scan the room and tend to see things that aren't there quite often.

So, the point is that Thumper is often spooked, a little more so than your average bun. One thing I happened to notice about Thumps, and bunnies in general, is that when they are eating hay in their litter box and get spooked, they jump and run away to a corner or something, but they never spit out the hay that they were eating, ever notice that? It's like, yeah I was scared enough to run, but not scared enough to spit out this delicious piece of hay I was eating.

So what does this tell us? I tell you what I think, I think they are fibbing. Yup, I said it, fibbing. I don't think they are really spooked when they do that, I think it is just something they do to play around, or to "practice" getting the hell out of Dodge. Kind of like when tiger cubs practice predatory skills with there brothers and sisters; it is a survival skill that needs to be honed. I think the same thing holds true for bunnies, they need to practice avoidance. Poor bunny rabbits, just because they are in a house now and away from any kind of danger, doesn't change their genetics. So the next time your bunny scoots across the room and hides under the couch for no reason, you can rest assured that all they are doing is practicing.

One more thing that is bugging me. I know bunnies don't have knees, but what if they did? What if they did, and Frannie hurt her knee. It would sound so weird answering the vet's questions and telling her that the problem is "Frannie's knee", or even the singular sound like "Fran's knee" will sound like "Fransnee". Boy that would be ridiculous. I would have to change her name for the duration of her knee injury, just to enhance communication between me and the vet.

Boy, is this blog retarded or what?


  1. Nope they never lose that instinct. They will always react like prey. We can sneeze at the rescue and cause a great deal of alarm and thumping and panicking.

  2. One time I yawned and thought Fran and Thumps were gonna have a heart attack! Mostly Thumps that is the big scredy bun though. All the time I hear him under the couch thumping away, usually comes in groups of 8 or 9. In between each one I go "Oh come on Thumps, nobody's here" Thump. "Really Tumpie, nuttin to be scared of" Thump. "For the love of Fwan, there is nothing wrong, I swear!" Thump. "og forget it." Thump. He continues until he gets tired or feels like going to eat some hay. So funny.