The Bun Life - Bunny Rules (Remix: DJ Phwan Fwan)

The HRS likes to post its traditional "Bunny Rules" post every year. I think it is cute, but you have to understand; I live in bunny hell. I have no life at all whatsoever, my every waking minute is spent either working or looking after these furry midgets. So, eventually Baby Fwan made her own rules:

  1. We're not getting a stupid bunny.

  2. Ok, one bunny, because he is so cute.

  3. No more bunnies, that's it.

  4. Well, he needs a "girlfriend" right? Ok one more.

  5. Wow, what a fat bunny, and uuuggggly to boot!

  6. Boy she sure isn't people friendly, maybe she will loosen up a little.

  7. Wow, she does love going under that couch, seems to appreciate the upholstery as well.

  8. Hmmph, came home today an she was grooming the armrest of the couch, how cute?

  9. Well, she may live under the couch, but at least she doesn't live ON the couch.

  10. Holy Christ! What the hell happened to my couch!!!??? Fwaaaaannnnn!!

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, seems as if our rules go right out the window as soon as a bun steps paw into the house.