The Bun Life - Letter in the Mail From Baby Fwan's Lawyer??

I just got this weird letter in the mail from some attorney who is representing Baby Fwan. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is: Where the hell did Fwan get the money for an attorney? Maybe they are Pro Bunno or something.

From the Law Office of Pursley, Pellits and Hayes

C. Aubrey O'Hare, Esq. (aka Chompers)

Re: Fran vs. Jim

Dear Fran,
After reviewing the list of grievances you have presented against "Jim" this firm would be most pleased to represent you in your divorce proceedings. We here at the Law Firm of Pursley, Pellits and Hayes are appalled by the annoying treatment you have been made to suffer at the hands of "Jim" and we praise your restraint and modest behavior. We take great umbrage at the slurs sallied against us 'large frame' bunnies (or 'big bone' bunnies). We can't all be like those petite dwarfs who can eat anything and keep fashionably thin. Here are a few tips for "Pick Up Prevention" until a Pick Up Restraining Order can be obtained. I am sure we can urge the Court to a most efficacious solution and/or settlement say somewhere in the range of 300 bushels of carrots and 500 lbs of hay annually, as well as unlimited credit to the epicurean eatery of your choice.

This is ridiculous! I am so tired of these bunnies! All day I gotta slave for these furry bastards and what do I get for it? Supbeonas!! I am having Baby Fwan arrested for domestic violence, I will just say that she threatened me! This is not over BF, not over by a long shot.


  1. Frannie just thump him a good one on the head. God he sounds just like a "guy"
    ProBunno? Groan...........

  2. Oh dear, Frannie. Maybe he'll cool down in a bit. BTW, who gets the couch??

  3. These legal battles can go on and on. Hope this turns out well for both parties!

    Just stopped by and love your posts! Can't wait to find out what happens next. Freckles is, of course, taking the bun's point of view.

  4. LOL, I just remembered about the Pro Bunno. LOL. Boy what a ham I am, said Sam.