The Bun Life - Fwan: A Linguistics Perspective

Believe it or not (probably not), the word Fwan has many, many meanings. It can also be used in many, many ways. I thought I would educate you on this so very vital topic, and explore all the ins and outs of the word Fwan.

Just a little history lesson, the word Fwan is originally derived from the Latin expression Couchus Rippus Stuffus Inhalus, meaning "Baaad Bunny Wabbit" You can also use it to classify a bunny rabbit as being a member of a stereotypical class of bad bunny rabbits in general by saying, "You're a bad Fwan!!" Or you could use it as an expletive when yelling at your bunnies in anger, for example, by saying something like, "Get the fwan out of my face!"

It can also be used as a unit of currency when trading amongst the townspeople, "Okay, give me a pack of gum and a coke please." "Okay, the total comes to 4 fwans and eighty cents." It can be used to classify an imjury, "I have a hairline fwan in my left arm!" It can be used to describe the passing of unpleasant gas, "This fat guy on the elevator let out the most disgusting fwan I have ever smelled!" It can also be used as a non-offending way to state the use of the rest room , "Be right back, I gotta take a fwan!"

It can also be used as a substitute word in favorite children's limericks, for instance, using it instead of the word "wood" in this famous rhyme, "How much fwan could a fwanchuck fwan if a fwanchuck could chuck fwan?" Okay, that was really stupid I know, but these are the kinds of things I say when around Baby Fwan. I can't help it, she brings out the complete foolish childish moron in me.

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