The Bun Life - What Has This Fran, I Mean World, Come To?

Poor Baby Fwan. I can only imagine how far down I am on Frannie's Christmas card list, even at this time of year. Me and Baby Fwan just don't see eye to eye, for real actually, bunnies have side mounted eyes and we have front mounted eyes, so eye to eye is damn near impossible!

Just how aloof is my Baby Fwan to me? Well, to give you an idea, I sit on the couch watching TV. Frannie will sit in the middle carpet between 2 escape routes: one goes directly into the puppy cage (where I can't get her), and the other goes right into the cardboard "Heartbreak Hotel" where I also can't get to her. She lies down with her legs stretched out behind her, cowlick and all, and just stares at me for hours on end.

Well, you might say that is so cute, she loves you! Nope, sorry. Frannie has a more sinister purpose for staring at me all night: conducting surveillance. If I so much as think about getting up off the couch, she immediately goes into "Holy Shit, He's Coming!" mode, and then jettisons her fluffy big butt into the puppy pen to escape the hellish nightmare of being picked up, petted, given a carrot, and have silly songs sung to her by her deranged owner! Oh the humanity!!

I can sometimes get to her when she nods off on watch and I get the element of surprise. Then she just sucks it up and goes into "survival" mode, where a bunny zones out and digs deep to get through a terribly traumatic situation, like being loved. I can then hug her for about 27 seconds, if I push the fact, then there are consequences. At 30 seconds, Fran starts to jostle, wiggle, squirm, and buck. Once we pass the 40 second mark, she starts using her Edward Scissorhands claws on me, if all else fails, then Fran will pee on me (I swear, she did it to me!). How dare Frannie be so dramatic!

So other than that, Me and Frannie are very close, as long as I don't come within 400 feet of her, things are fine :))


  1. We know the LOOK. They mean to strike fear in our hearts and keep us in line.

  2. Yeah I know the look, the only problem is they look at me that way all the time! I am "the problem" lol.