Franny's Vacation Photos

I can't believe it, I guess Franny gets around more than I ever knew. Turns out the whole time I think she is under the couch, she is really traveling the world without me, or even Thumper. I found a whole stash of Franny's world travels and vacation photos. I will be scanning them and uploading them as I go. Here are two of them:

Here is one of Franny on the street in London:

Amazing that she didn't get hit by a car!

And here is one that really shocked me when I saw it:

I can't believe he got that close to Frannie without her running away! Wait a minute, now that I think of it, how the hell did Frannie get so close to him??  So much for the secret service!

I will be scanning more as I go, she has a whole box of them here.


  1. You get around Frannie girl, you get around. I think it appears our president is worshiping you, as he should.

  2. Don't you love how she looks about 200 pounds in ratio to him?? lol

  3. OK, LOL on the Obama.......Franny sounds like my her so much but she won't have pets or pick ups......

  4. Aww, not even petting her on the floor? Thats a shame.