The Bun Life - Oh No! Fwan's In Trouble Again!

I was in the post office this morning, and I look up for a second and I see this poster, and Frannie was on the poster! Obviously, what she did to my couch was a felony, and now she skipped bail. I hope I don't have those Dog, the Bounty Hunter fags bashing down my door now, looking for Baby Fwan.

What the hell is going on with that bunny? I don't need all this drama, I have cable for god's sake. The other 3 bunnies are very upset, it took 4 or 5 carrots just to settle Thumper down about all this. He can't believe what Frannie is doing to my upholstery, or what used to be my upholstery. Wonder when she'll stop running from her problems.


  1. Okay I almost pee'd my pants on that one. Frannie girl, admit nothing, do not turn yourself in. If they thought Dillinger was hard to get they aint seen nothing yet.

  2. I laughed the hardest at "Dead, or at least nails clipped very short"