The Bun Life: 2012 - The End Of The World, What Would Frannie Do?

I saw the movie 2012 the other night, I brought my father with us cause I knew he would like the movie. John Cusack is a great actor, and the movie was really great. Not too far fetched, and I like that.

At the end they are trying to get this huge door closed to make their ship watertight, and this one lady had a little dog that wound up on the opposite side of a crevice (without giving the movie away), and the only way to save the dog was to convince it to jump. She urged the dog by telling it to jump to her and after a few times the dog did just that, and it was saved. The movie ended shortly after, end of story.

On the way home, the conversation inevitably turned into a "What would you do if the world ended" type group talk. Of course my first thoughts family? No. My friends? No. My car? Nope. My neighbors? Not a chance. Innocent bystanders under the age of 6 that can't help themselves? Nope. My 4 fluffy bunny rabbits? Hell Yeah!!

Everyone laughed as I described the scenario of chasing the bunny rabbits around the house trying to convince them of the levity of the situation. I would be yelling, "The world is ending you idiots!" and they would be running under the couch. Then after about 15 minutes, I would be jetting to my car, 4 bunnies in tow.

Then I thought of the movie, and the part with the dog. Naturally, my thoughts replaced that very dog with guess what? Fran. The most indifferent living thing in the natural world to date. If all Frannie had to do was jump into my arms to save herself, you can count her out, not a chance in furry hell would Fran engage in any physical activity that even remotely resembled moving toward me in any plausible fashion. Not gonna happen. I can just picture it now, "Baby Fwann! Jump to me Frannie, come on Frannie, your gonna die, please jump!!!" Frannie would look, and she would think, "Hmm, I bet this is merely a ploy to pick me up and do my nails or some unpleasant crap. Hmmm, get picked up by Jim or die a fiery death. I'll take death. Nahhh. You go ahead Jim, I'll be fine."

Me convincing Frannie to do anything I want besides take a carrot or eat her food is a futile journey. Poor Fran, what the hell are we gonna do in 3 years Frannie??


  1. I love me some John Cusack too. I am with you on saving the bunnies. I doubt you and Frannie and the rest of the buns will have to do anything. I firmly believe that nothing will happen in 2012 and if it does, maybe it will makes us better.

  2. I believe that Fez and Norbert would run in the other direction, immediately. The other two, who knows. It would depend on their moods... they're female.

  3. No nothing will happen in 2012. Its just fictional (I think!). Most bunnies I think would be reluctant to jump to save themselves, the thoughts of vets and nail clippers always loom too large...

  4. I just came over from Christina's blog and am glad I did. I had to laugh so hard at your description of Frannie choosing death over being picked up. It sounds sooo much like me and our Dandi, Queen Bee of the living room, who would never ever and under no circumstances lower herself to jumping into anyone's arms ... :-)

  5. Those buns are so attitudish aren't they?