The Bun Life - Wake Up!!!

I saw my nephews yesterday and my younger nephew wanted to sleep over and play video games on my big screen TV. I said yes, and he fell asleep on the little couch, mainly because he is the size of a maple leaf. Put it to you this way. He was taking a shower one time and accidentally got sucked down the drain! Anyway. I was watching TV and sitting on the big couch, or should I say, "Baby Fwan's couch"

I fell asleep and woke up at 6:15AM. Now you have to realize something. I wake up at 6AM every single day, like clockwork. First thing I do, after opening my eyes of course, is go right to the bunny pellets and feed the fat wabbits for breakfast. They know this, they live by this routine, 6AM is magic hour for them, and let me tell you, when the off chance arrives that I am a tad late in getting up, some really weird stuff starts to happen around here. Wanna know what? It happens in stages:

Stage 1

Tumps and Baby Fwan look at each other, look at the clock, look at me on the couch, then look at the clock, then look at each other and silently mouth, "WTF??" They wait another minute, and that is actually a lifetime to them.

Stage 2

BF and TR decide to take an aggressive posture towards me, I don't really know what that means but it sounds pretty cool. Anyway, Frannie and Thumps decide on a tag team approach to try to wake me up. This is where things get really dangerous for the wabbits. They throw on their vests and helmets, and prepare to make entry onto the couch.

Stage 3

Frannie is scared out of her wits (woah, big shocker there) so she cleverly talks numbskull into going first. You never know, things could go all wrong and someone might get "picked up" which would just be awful for them. After all, they have a family at home, to get picked up at such a young age would just devastate the family. Okay, this is getting pretty stupid. Anyway, Thumps takes the scenic route to the couch, and hops up onto the other end where my feet are. He looks at BF for reassurance, and she gives him the nod to continue on, silently giggling to herself, "what an idiot!" So he does.

Stage 4.

This is the first indication that I get that something is going on with the wabbits. Why? I can feel Thumps chinning my toes. You believe that? My toes are theirs too!! Not even my couch could stop this possessive relationship I have with the wabbits. Anyway, I feel Thumps starting to navigate the couch, in between my legs and feet. He eventually makes his way onto my chest (I swear to god) and starts to dig on my chest. This is either to wake me up, or to rip my heart out, or both. I personally think it is a wake me up ploy. He has done this for years now.

Truth is, I love it, call me crazy and lazy but I do. It tickles like crazy and I die laughing inside when he does it. But there is a catch. If I even move the slightest bit, with any part of my body, open an eye, or talk, he is GONE. Partly because he does not want to get picked up, and partly because his job is done. SO I don't ever move. I let him dig and dig until Frannie calls him back.

Stage 5 - Baby Fwan

Then it is BF's turn. Frannie does the almost identical thing, except this time Frannie sits on my chest and starts leaning her face over onto my forehead and I hear her sniffing my hairline. Every ounce of my will wanted to grab Baby Fwan and just hug her! Because I NEVER can lol. But this girl is stealth and alertness times a million. I couldn't help it and let out a giggle. Baby Fwan's flying ears, which were in orbit around my head, picked up the giggle and Fran headed for the hills. I jumped up and they were like, "Okay, he's up, lets start doing the morning ritual now!"

Unreal, in all honesty, this has happened to me quite a few times. Almost every time that I fall asleep on the couch overnight.


  1. Bunny wake-up call! I think I'd have to fake sleep through that too.

  2. I also get woken up every time I sleep late. So basically every weekend. I've just resigned myself to get up just to feed them at normal wake up time every saturday and sunday morning. Then I promptly go back to sleep. the buns don't care, they've gotten what they wanted.

    I must say though, as a chronic oversleeper, Sogna has on many occasions saved my job by getting me up.

  3. It is just so hilarious watching them walk a narrow threshold between wanting to wake me up and not wanting to get picked up. Frannie is so unpredictable, she'll do some of the craziest things not to get picked up. She even started running across the linoleum now to take the back way behind the table. Unreal. For years they NEVER dare walk on the linoleum, for whatever reason it was just an invisible barrier for them. Thumper still won't but not Frannie. it is getting easier though because I am starting to learn her moves. I take steps ahead of time to block certain exits, put up boxes to block the couch, close the cage door, close the bathroom door. Then it's time to dance lol. I had to do it last night/ I clipped her nails. I always laugh hysterical when I am trying to corner her, because she is so hellbent on not getting picked up.