The Bun Life - Intruder!!!!!!!!

Okay, here is the sitchyation, parents when away on a week's vacation. Okay, sorry, I had to do that. Anyway, there was an INTRUDER today in the office!!! I was watching TV in the livingroom, and I was in the recliner, which Fwan likes to park her big fat rumpus under when I have the leg thing up. Ever see how hard it is to get out of a recliner without putting down the leg thing? That;s my life. Anyway I fell asleep (shocking), and when I woke up I could just feel in my heart (or maybe it was my legs) that something wasn't right. I just knew deep down that there was some rabbit in my residence doing something that they shouldn't be. Ever get that feeling? No? Me neither. Anyway, I went towards the office. It was at that time I saw the first sign of things gone wrong.

The gate to the office was AJAR!!! No, there wasn't a jar in the door, the door was a jar!! No the door didn't turn into a jar, it was open! I mean the gate was open. Stop confusing me!

I quickly searched for my two oldest children, Thumps and BF. I found them under the couch (wow, what a shock) and they had a look on their face like the gate being open was OLD NEWS. So I knew the office held at least one of the following surprises for me, not dead wabbits because I put pens up so they can't possibly get in to the other wabbits pens. BUT:

A) $9,690.00 worth of shredded computer wires
B) scared a highly alert wabbits
C) Squibbles with half a nose
D) Fuzzles watching Wheel of Fortune and counting her prescriptions (this is actually a given)
E) A chalk line (what I call it) of cocoa puffs outlining each of the scared wabbit's pen areas.
F) Blow up Doll with lingerie on that looks like .................(((WHOOOAA wait a sec, howd that get in there)) A through E ONLY!!

Okay, so I went in and luckily for me found only situation E. Thank Baby Jesus. After cleaning up the 9 million cocoa puffs. I wonder, where does a 6 pound bunny produce 14 pounds of cocoa puffs from? Do they have them flown in? Unreal. Absolutely unreal.


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  2. Only bunny people will get this post, because you ALL know what it is like.

  3. you must've stopped breathing when you saw the gate open! those two live to get into trouble!

  4. Indeed, Mojo knows how to open a gate and has given me a couple of heart attacks. If they did find your blow up doll (the one you cant talk about) I would suspect she would be quite deflated when the buns were thru with her.

  5. True story, this happened once before with Fwan only and she was grooming Fuzzby's head when I walked in, through the bars!!! I ran for my camera, and as soon as BF sees the camera she instantly goes into "not doing anything interesting" mode.