The Bun Life - I Found Baby Fwan's Poetry Book!!!

I was searching the attic at Baby Fwan's house (huh?) and underneath her dress from the Class of '69 Under the Sea Dance, I found her poetry book from a year or so ago, after she had been with us for about 2 years. At least that is what the latest date is on the last page. I decided to transfer some of them to digital format, to preserve these great works of literature (god forbid). Anyway, here are some of Fwan's poems. I must warn you, they are pretty stupid, remmeber it is a bunny writing these, not Robert Frost.

Ode To What?

by Baby Fwan

Roses are Red (I think),

Violets are Blue (I bet),

You picked me up,

Therefore I hate you!

Boy, what prose! She is something else. There is more though...

I Dream of Couches

by Baby Fwan

As I bunny flop (what is a bunny anyway?) on the carpet and lazily fall asleep,

I think of what I'll wake up to and then start to weep, for thou art thy coucheth not there, I shall beware, and thou art thy art thou not shall art!

What the hell am I saying now? Oh whatever, I just wanna eat Jim's couch okay??!!

Boy, that was reaaalllyy stupid.

Let it All Hang Out

by Baby Fwan

There once was a bun from Nantucket,

Who saw Jim's couch and said, "Aww, F........

WOAH WOAH WOAH, I think we will stop that one short. I don't want the FCC breathing down my back. Boy this blog has really gone to sh%$ hasn't it?? Poems by Baby Fwan, how stupid!!


  1. Such lovely poetry Frannie!! So poignant. Just like Jim, always underrating you.

  2. bunny poets, much underrated. Fwan is a star!

  3. Frannie Pants you have a potty mouth. Did you used to be in the Navy?

  4. And you can say you knew her when...

  5. Under the Sea Dance. Where do I get this stuff from? Anyway, no Baby Fwan never was in the Navy. Actually, the closest Fwan ever came to the Navy was when I was bonding Tumps and BF and the other girls at the rescue said to try the bathtub as a good neutral ground.

    So, I tried it out, but the bunnies were so busy trying to tread water that they didn't even realize each other were there. So it really was no progress at all. Fwan did have swimmer's ear after that though. Hey, maybe that has something to do with her flying ear syndrome???? You mighta cracked the case!!