The Bun Life - Under Construction

I took a nap earlier today, and woke up to a construction crew (Fran) renovating the house (cottontail cottage) nextdoor. Talk about annoying. I really was comfortable, and I think deep down Baby Fwan knew this and wanted to drive me into the depths of hysterical madness.

Scratch, scratch..scratch...scratch...scratch...claw...scratch..scratch..scratch.chew a piece a piece off....scratch..scratch..scratch....


10 seconds of pure silent bliss. Then..

Scratch, scratch..scratch...scratch...scratch...claw...scratch..scratch..scratch.chew a piece off....scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch

(Sound of sneaker hitting the couch...) Booom!


10 seconds of pure silent ignorant bliss. Then...

Scratch, scratch..scratch...scratch...scratch...claw...scratch..scratch..scratch.chew a piece off....then the unmistakable sound of a stream of pee hitting cardboard....

She does this when she wants to prove a point.

Sound of magazine flying across the room hitting the plastic garbage pail. Pitter patter footsteps, then I hear Fwan wiggle underneath the couch, the one I am currently in of course. I figure she is going in there to spoon with Thumper or whatever. Fine, sleep is here. Relaxation has finally prevailed. Then, from underneath my butt, I hear the wood beams of the couch starting up with the:


Sound of my foot hitting the bottom of the couch.

FWANNIEE!! Stop it!!

Then I hear her pop out and go over to the water bowl. Then she lays down in front of the TV. I close me eyes, and not even 30 seconds later, the house nextdoor starts up again.

Scratch, scratch..scratch...scratch...scratch...claw...scratch..scratch..scratch.chew a piece off....scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..scratch..

FWANNN!!!! That's it!

Sound of me admitting defeat and heading off to the bedroom for a nap. Baby Fwan wins again.


  1. Well of course she did. I can't believe you really thought she wouldn't...

  2. Such a beautiful girl on the outside, whoulda thought she was InsanoBun??

  3. oh bunnies can be evil like that....

  4. After all, it is THEIR house. You just work there.

  5. I love how the more you love a bunny, the more bossy, spoiled, arrogant, and downright lazy they get. Like they have to make up for all the bunnies being mistreated in the world, and you are target numero UNO.

  6. Yup, that sounds like a perfect description of Biff. I don't know how he would even know about the strife of other rabbits, though, since he's been stuck with me since he was only a month or two. Sogna just wants love. Biff scorns my love.

    I wonder, do you think it's some congenital thing about overweight lops with broken coloration that makes them so full of contempt for the humans who love them?

  7. LOLOLOLOLOL about the broken coloration overweight lops!! What pet do you know that gets more indifferent as their life improves? Bunnies. What pet do you know that, at the first opportunity, would sell you out to the Gestapo for a strand of hay? Bunnies.

    Biff sounds just like Fran. One time, I was telling Frannie about the rescue and Nancy's house where we keep all the buns, and Frannie said, with her eyes wide open, "You mean to tell me that they DON'T each have their own couch??"

  8. I seriously think BF and Biff might be from the same litter.

    Biff was indignant about being caged during bonding. He kept biting me. Since he was caged I needed to pick him up to get him into the other room to exercise. I have scars. How can you cage the King?! Insolent two-foot.

    On a separate note, I heard we have a mutual acquaintance :-x

  9. Nope, BF was not born in a litter. The Bunny Gods all went out drinking and drugging one night and decided to all pitch in their leftover bunny parts from the day's "creations" and Frannie popped out.

    Mutual acquaintance? We do? Cathe?

  10. Hahahahahahahahaha. Give the poor girl a break. She can't help it if she looks like a loaf of pumpernickel bread.

    Yeah we were volunteering one day and randomly started talking about your blog. For hours. lol.

  11. Tats cool, I hae a lot of Bun Life Groupies, me and Baby Fwan have to hire bodyguards to protect us form all the Paparazzi and crazed fans. Showbiz is a tough life I tell you.

  12. I love it, this blog started as an obscure thing and then just took off one day, all you guys talking about it really is what did it. Neat.

  13. Of course, when I say, "Groupies" that really means, "Loyal readers who put up with your incessant antics" but I guess a guy who lives lives with 4 buns and a torn up couch has no place calling anyone a Groupie,lol.