The Bun Life - Looks Like a Train Came Through the Box!

Clear pic huh? Just got my new camera, it is a Fisher Price model 1. Seriously though, it is a bad pic because I used a cellphone that doesn't have a good camera, plus the poor lighting made it horrible, but it does point out what I wanted it to. You see what bunnies do? They loved to tunnel in the wild, and do it instinctively, so it is hilarious to watch them build tunnels out of everything. If you put something new in the way of where they normally go to, they will first attempt to move it, but if not then out comes the tunnel operation. Since they love going under the middle of my couch because it is an empty space there, I put a cement tube behind the couch and pushed it against the wall, so they could go through the tube but not under the couch. That didn't last long, they tunneled through the tube right where the entrance to the middle of the couch is, by memory! They are such funny animals, I love their odd behaviors. lol.


  1. You need little orange cones and a sign ahead reading "Proceed with Caution: Destructo-buns at work"

    AND!! I present for your viewing pleasure (since I don't know how to contact you directly)-a link to Nutmeg's banana butt video.

    Forgive the quality, I'm just using a digital camera. And after numerous tries with no luck I finally caught the twitchybutt action, subtle though it may be.

  2. Shazzie, you can always email me at if you want. I always answer my emails. I Love the video. Thank you!

  3. I love it! IT does look exactly where the toy train goes through!