The Bun Life - Banana Butt Caught on Camera by Shazzarazzi!!

A new Bun Life groupie, Shazzie, has done me the finest honor of filming her bunny Nutmeg (who is incredibly gorgeous by the way) doing the Banana Butt. Before I comment on it, here is the clip for your viewing pleasure:

Awwwww! That is too funny. I love how she zooms in on the butt for a close-up, that is classic! Poor Nutmeg, compromising her dignity for her banana addiction. Gee, I hope the other bunnies don't find out, then it will be all over school, and before you know it the damn thing will be up on YouTube! Then she'll NEVER get a job  for Fran's sake! Uh oh, too late!!


  1. Nutmeg is actually a really good sport, and does put up with quite a bit of embarrassment for her overzealous human. (Picture of perfect example to follow)

    I'm actually surprised I was able to capture the subtle twitching. My camera is pretty old, and once I start taking video I can't zoom or adjust lighting. So, I just move the camera back and forth, close and far, and hope I catch something. I an official groupie?
    Is that a bad thing?

  2. Bad? Absolutely not. It means you have done me the honor by joining the fellowship of Bun Life readers! I made a badge for you!>