The Bun Life - Male Bunny Pickup Lines

Being a male house rabbit has got to be a tough gig. I mean, it isn’t bad enough you are born scared, but then you have to spend your life chasing girls that don’t want to be chased. For a male bunny to have at least a remote chance of passing on his legacy, he has to be one heck of a good talker. I can only imagine the lines that guy bunnies use on their female counterparts, some of them probably are:
  • "I used to get all the chicks, but I wasn't compatible with any of them." (Get it???)
  • "Bartender! I’ll have whatever she wants!"
  • "I normally don't go out with girls as ugly as you, but at this point I'll take anything with floppy ears and a heartbeat. The heartbeat's optional."
  • "Wow! You smell divine, what is that perfume you're wearing? Hay and Urine? Do they sell it at Macy's?"
Those are just a few that come to mind. See if you can think of anymore to add to the list. Imagine what it is like to be a boy bunny in this hectic house rabbit world they live in., use that for your creative inspiration!


  1. "You must be exhausted baby, you have been hopping through my mind all night"

    Overheard at the farmers market: "Nom here often?"

  2. Gah! I'm not feeling creative or whimsical... you guys have me smiling though!!! I'll keep thinking!