The Bun Life - These f@!!@%$ Gnats Are Driving Me Insane!

I have these gnats, fruit flies and possibly drain gnats. I can't get rid of them, I tried the jar with apple cider vinegar, dw liquid, and paper inverted cone. They work great, I have 4 of them, 2 in the living room and kitchen, 2 in my office/bedroom. Every day I empty out at least 15 of them from each jar. I had some rotting veggies in the frig for like 2 months. A month ago I realized that gnats were hoarding the frig, so I emptied and bleached the whole thing. Now I keep nothing in there except bare essentials, and anything older than a couple days is immediately tossed. I am thinking that maybe the drip pan is dirty, but I am scared to look, isn't that shameful?? I'm like a little girl when it comes to bugs, I would probably throw my own mother in front of a house fly to save myself!. I keep NOTHING with any organic matter out anywhere. Along with the jars, I have about 400000000 rolls of fly paper hanging from every square inch of the apartment. I taped plastic sheathing over my entire air conditioner in the office because it would run and I heard water running from the condensation in the unit. It is through the wall so I don't want to touch it. I don't need it now anyway, so I sealed the whole thing off. I have a fly swatter that I carry around like a gun. I am getting good at killing them with my hands. Next I'll be like Mr. Miyagi and catching them with chopsticks blindfolded. In the middle of the living room I keep a baby swimming pool there on the floor and I keep it filled with liquid rock candy and coca cola. Do you think that is contributing to the problem? I check the bunnies often, and they seem fine. I never see them reacting to any gnats. If I didn't have bunnies I would blast this whole place with ammonium nitrate, but since I do have bunnies I can only use bunny-safe methods. Too bad the buns don't eat gnats, I could kill two gnats with one Fran! It is tough because the buns now wear the hazmat suits 24/7, looks like I am filming Outbreak two over here. Supernanny, please help us!!!


  1. Gah!! Hate hate HATE those little buggers! For a while I had "pantry pests"...little teeny tiny flying/crawling things that liked, well, the pantry- dry, canned, bottled foods. I'm not sure why they were in there. Everything is sealed up tightly... but I used sticky pads and that did the trick. I also have (insert a shriek and shiver here) Brown Recluse spiders!!!!!!!!!! I'd nuke the whole condo if I didn't have Nutmeg and her doggy friend Abby, so I feel your pain!!!
    (In other news, I FINALLY! got video of minor banana butt!! I'll edit and send it your way) ~Sharon

  2. It looks as if the gnat volume is decreasing significantly, I believe the source was the AC. I must have caught 100 of those SOB's with the apple cider vinegar trap. Another 100 with the 2 billion rolls of fly paper, 30 with my Miyagi chopsticks, and Frannie took home one as a pet. It isn't working out too good though, she can't find it.