The Bun Life - Missing Wabbits & R.I.P. Tango

One of our Bun Life Groupies, Christina from Heartland Bunny Blog and Rabid Tidbits, sadly lost her beautiful bunny Tango on Sunday morning. It was totally unexpected. Christina frequently comments here, and has been one of the most stable readers of The Bun Life, among others. My heart goes out to her and her family.

My bunnies are MISSING! I am doing work in my apartment, and my two friends Chris and Lori, also Bun Life Groupies by the way, are graciously watching my three buns until tomorrow night. A total of almost 7 days or so. I hate being away from them, but I will get them again soon. Thanks goes to Chris and Lori for helping me, they are amazing people, as many bunny rescue people are. 

Every time I go over there, we talk to each other non-stop for hours. The only down side is that neither one of them speaks English. They are from Pumpernickelstan, a real small country with a population of paranoid ugly people that are afraid to get picked up. Imagine that? The state bird is the Pumpernickel Swallow, named so because it can't swallow. Not a clue how it eats. Just kidding of course :) They speak perfect English. I am glad they are there, a real life saver for me.


  1. Christina,
    my thoughts are with you. I know full well the pain and loss, and can only hope that in time the happy memories you have of Tango will replace the sadness in your heart.

  2. And as for the missing buns..
    at first I was going to suggest searching for them within the abyss of the sofa innards, but upon further reading I was happy to find they aren't missing...merely misplaced. Um, er..displaced. In a known location. Yay for competent, bunny sitting friends. They are a real treasure, as are the furry kids. I just hope the three fuzzateers approve of the changes made to THEIR home.

  3. They lost your buns?! Some bunsitters ;) Hurry up and get home, would ya? Before you have no couch left.

  4. You are too sweet to mention my dear Tango on your blog. Thank you.

    Your blog is funny and irreverent and makes me laugh always. A different perspective on life with bunnies.

  5. Thank you as well Shazzie. We will miss her always.