The Bun Life - They'reeeee Baaacccckkkk

As you know, my friends Chris and Lori graciously took my buns for me roughly 2 weeks ago. Well, there was apparently some gross misunderstanding between me and them. Lori called me Tuesday to find out when I would be "picking up the buns," which understandably befuddled me. I don't know where Chris and Lori are from, or what their native language is, but I never said I was "picking up the buns" at all, ever. I asked if I could drop them off, if they would take them, and they said yes. I never said I wanted them back, nor that I intended to pick them up again.

Needless to say, this is an issue. I was all excited and happy to be Bun-free, joyful that I finally put the boot to those darn rabbits, and now this annoying little thing pops up. I tell you, that is the last time I trust so-called "friends". I saw a lawyer today and filed for full, permanent custody of the buns. Only, I filed custody for Chris and Lori, not for me though. So they now have full permanent custody of the three furry loafs of bread, and not me. So technically, they are now "their" buns, and not mine, so how could they argue that I should take their own buns??? Genius, right? I know, I know, I'm gifted, you don't have to tell me.

I promised the buns I would visit them every time we have a Lolar Eclipse. That is when the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, and Boise, Idaho all come into alignment near the equator. Hopefully, that will be soon.

Oh by the way, just kidding, the buns are back and are doing splendid. I missed them terribly, but C&L took wonderful care of them, I can't thank them enough. Thanks guys!


  1. Ha! What a big fat one you tried to tell. Lolar Eclipse? Snort!

  2. I believe that I am fortunate enough to live within a this strange nebula of lagamorphic eclipse, because Nutmeg allows me to kiss her head while I feed her carrots, stroke her ears while she eats her dandelion greens, and even snuggle and cuddle- allowing me a deep snorffle of the back of her neck which smells absolutely heavenly. In return, I get bathed in bunny kisses on my nose. Everything has aligned quite nicely :)

  3. Yes Shazzie, you are very lucky.

    Jim, keep kidding yourself. ;)