The Bun Life - Off-Topic Jim Update

Hello my rabbit friends, and bun life readers, I write to you with a heavy heart tonight from Stony Brook Hospital in NY. I came in 5 days ago or so with what I thought was just a swollen liver from taking Lipitor. I found I was right about the liver but they also caught the bottom of my lung with a abdominal CT scan and found a small nodule on my lung. First they told me it was likely tuberculosis. Nice huh? So they had to quarantine me in isolation room here for 4 days while they test sputum and PPD. Well, I don't have TB but they did another CT, a full chest CT, and found 2 more nodules, they are on both lungs. The pulmonologist says it doesn't look like cancer because it is fluffy and not solid, cancer is not like that usually. Of course though, nothing is certain. The original plan before I started typing this was to run blood cultures, run tests for infections, then bronchoscopy, then last resort lung biopsy, which is big time.

The pulmonologist has come into my room here just minutes ago, he has been talking with his colleagues all night evidently, and they now say they don't think they should take the ultra aggressive approach, and that they think it might be a kind of pneumonia. So they are juicing me now with antiobiotics for 14 days. After they get the cultures and tests back (which they are doing tonight) they will send me home on the ab's then CT again in 14 days. They are setting me up in their pulmonary clinic here so I can just show up if things get worse.

I miss talking with all of you, and I miss my dearest bunnies, whom I love. My poor sister is in cardiac ICU tonight at same hospital with heart problems, I have been walking down to see her. My parents have been a godsend and my Dad has taken care of the buns, he has gone totally out of his way (at age 65 with diabetes and leg problems) to do everything Baby Fwan has demanded. I don't deserve such amazing parents. Noone I know has parents like I do, and I am eternally grateful. I now have laptop but work laptop wont work with VPN unfort. I will update Bun Life as much as possible because Baby Fwan's antics are of course, top priority above any and all health issues. My darling Baby Fwan probably thinks her wishing has finally come true, I have vanished!!! In honor of her, I have requested all my eggs be served on pumpernickel bread. I am such a symbolist.

Thank you for reading my antics and welcoming BF into your heart. Will be posting soon. :)



  1. Oh, gosh, Jim, I am so sorry. It's no good being sick, but having to be in the hospital away from your bunnies is the worst :( Thank god your dad can take care of them, if he make any mistakes he'll have Baby Fwan to answer to.....

  2. Hey Jim,
    You had better get to feeling better very soon. I hate to hear you are in the hospital and your sister as well. I will be thinking of you both and look forward to more posts when you are home and feeling good. (I bet BF misses you a lot, even if she doesnt show it)

  3. thanks so much. As a matter of fact, Baby Fwan called my hospital room the other night and complained that my Dad was late with her pellets by 8 minutes the previous morning. I calmed her down and talked her out of leaving and staying in a hotel until I get home. She was very upset, we cried together, and was real tough due to the language barrier (Fwan speaks Yippanese) but we got through it and she calmed down. God I miss my fat furry fluffy bumpy rabbits. I even got a pumpernickel bagel this AM in Baby Fwan's honor. I shall see the love of my life soon :) (violins playing in background)

  4. Jim, that's terrible. Cathe has been keeping me posted as to your status (we saw each other Saturday) and my thoughts have been with you all week. It's probably for the best that your VPN isn't working in the hospital, from what I hear you work like a fiend and right now you should really be resting. I can't imagine being away from my buns that long, I even hate going on vacation because I worry myself sick.

    And how awful for your parents to have both kids in the hospital!!! My heart goes out to them as well.

  5. Thank you Lisa, I appreciate that a lot. I am like you with my bunnies, i havent had a vacation since I started with IBM 4 years ago anyway so I never had to worry about my bunnies during one :) Have gone away for business though and only for a few days, and that was very tough not to see them. I brought 8x10's of my buns with me to hospital. so funny too because one of them is tumps sleeping like he is dead almost, with his pink mouth open LOL. I break into laughter when i see it, in between the 4 nervous breakdowns of course. Thanks for your concern, I think I will be out soon.

  6. Get Better Soon! I can hear the thumping of all four of your buns since you've been in the hospital! Danger! Danger! Jim is sick! All the bunnies are upset! Mr B says get well soon (thump thump). He means it!