The Bun Life - Rosetta Bun, and other Goings On

Been about a week since I last posted, sorry, I have been real busy doing absolutely nothing. Actually, I have been busy really, I have been power juicing, after a good friend of mine recommended it, and I have really noticed the differences. I see the guy Jack Lalanne (spelling?) on TV juicing everything but the kitchen sink, and he is like 275 years old last time I checked, got me convinced. Anyway, it comes with a book of all kinds of different juice recipes, it lists the fruits and veggies you need to put in.

Strange thing happened the other day though, I went to grab the book and it was GONE, I couldn't find it anywhere. Then a day later the book suddenly reappeared back on the counter. It had a bite mark, of two buck teeth, on the top right corner, and it appears a page had been added. It was real obvious that it was added recently, it was all taped in. Anyway it had a new recipe in it, the drink was called, "Pumpernickel Passion" and the ingredients were as follows:

6 barrels of fresh carrots (the kind Bambi eats)
2 Bananas
6 more barrels of carrots
A few more carrots
Oh, did I mention carrots??
3 "sprigs" of couch stuffing

Gee, my first thought, obviously, was, "What the hell is a sprig?" Anyway, I have no idea who could have put this recipe in there, do you?? Pumpernickel Passion, jesus Baby Fwan, could you make it anymore obvious? Anyway. I am not making that stupid drink anyway. I have something more incredible (and just as meaningless) to tell you.

Ever see that commercial on TV for Rosetta Stone? Software that teaches you any language you want to learn from home? Well, I found out that Baby Fwan has learned Spanish in her spare time! I know, like you, the first thing I thought was, "How do you say Pumpernickel in Spanish?" I really don't know. Maybe, El Pumpernickel, or Los Pumpernickelos, or La Pumpernickela? Anyway, so Baby Fwan speaks Spanish now. I am jealous because now she is the only one that can communicate with the landscapers now. She is probably telling them to stuff her in a leaf bucket on the down low.

Well, the good thing is that Frannie knows how to tell me, in Spanish, that she is going to the Library, that the teacher is very nice, the car is very big, and her perm was $200.00. That info might save her life one day.

Now that we are on the topic of the military (we are?), I saw a show on TV called War Dogs, not the same one as before, but one from World War II. They talk about how the dogs had helped weed out the Japanese dug into the island tunnels and stuff, very brave stuff. I wonder how bunnies would have fit into that whole "service for the country" thing? I can see Baby Fwan, the night before being shipped out to Okinawa, asking everyone else "Do Japanese people like to pick up bunnies?" She won't care about the tanks and bullets, or even the War Dogs, just wants to know if anyone is gonna pick her up.

Bunnies, what would we do without them?


  1. Wow Fwan speaks Spanish? Gives a whole new meaning to bunny burrito.

  2. Yay for juicing. Jack is so awesome. My sources inform me that a sprig is a good sized pulled by a professional couch harvester.

    You might also check out the Blood Type Diet and Genotype Diet. Here's the links.

  3. Frannie can't have a Pumpernickel Passion even if she's a really good girl all week and even lets you come near her and doesn't eat any couch stuffing all week and doesn't manipulate Thumps into being her fall guy for a whole week?? Yours has been a pretty stressful household for the past few weeks, and I think BF deserves some R&R and a nice drink to take the edge off.

  4. What to do without bunnies? BaWaHaHaHaHa ... I would start with a vacation.

  5. Pumpernickel Passion. New rage at the singles bar!