The Bun Life - Gymnist Bunny

Well instead of writing any more depressing crap, I figured I would tell you what I did with Syd. Now that Fuzzy's side of the room is vacant, I decided that I could fence off the computer area and let Syd be free range where he can go on the bed, around the room, and stuff like that. Well, I set it up and let him out, then sat at my desk to work. The whole time I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye doing leaps, somersalts onto the bed, triple flips (okay thats a lie), and he even went onto the uneven parallel bars for a minute, great landing too. He is now ultra psycho crazy bunny. What a nutjob! I almost pee my pants watching him enjoying the heck out of running around again. I wanted something positive to come out of this, and now with Syd being free it has. BTW, he is perfectly litter trained, he NEVER pees or poops anywhere but the box, pretty amazing actually.


  1. Who is that mystery gymnast? the one with the ears? Give him a 10. I think Syd may be trying to cheer you up and it's working. We have a Syd too, but she's is a girl......

  2. I know how special Fussy was and how hard you worked at keeping him well. Fussy will be missed. Let crazy Sydney help fill your life with joy. Frannie and El Thumpos always play their part. Love the blog. James