The Bun Life - No TV Dinner, But Something Better

Well, the impossible finally happened. I know nobody will believe this, but tonight I actually watched TV with Baby Fwan! Just like I do with Sydney, but less time, about ten full minutes. At first she freaked out when I laid her on the couch next to me. Of course, she looked for the nearest cliff to dive off of, with me holding her like a Fwan-in-the-Blanket appetizer next to me. She kept pulling that "if I could separate from my skin, I would" move until I just started stroking the top of her head while I bunched her up alongside me, and she eventually calmed down! If I hadn't moved around after about 10 minutes I bet she would have stayed there a lot longer. Before she could jump off, I put her back in her area so I ended it on a good note. I bet with some resistance training, we might be able to get through a whole episode of Cold Blood, that serial killer show.

Oh, I made a funny observation too. I was watching Frannie get groomed by Thumper, and how he kept getting further and further towards her, errr....ummm.... rumpus. At first, he would groom her eyelids, her ears, then her shoulders, then her ribs, and all I thought was "any minute now, and he will go for it, always does" but I was incredibly surprised and impressed by Frannie's intellect. She knows him so well, right before he is about to grab her and start humping her, she popcorns up and either backs up and make him start all over again (meaning she gets groomed again) or runs away entirely. He might give chase but she is faster and more agile than him, and of course he is pretty dumb so it doesn't take much for her to bamboozle him, lol. Bunny drama is so funny, if you weren't really watching closely and knew rabbits, you would miss all of it entirely, then you would have what they call "a life" hahahaha.


  1. Mr. Mick loves to watch TV with me; he will "perch" on my shoulder as I lean against the couch. He will sit there for hours while I pet him (his "fee" for gracing me with his presence), occasionally rewarding me with a good face-licking during a commercial break. So far, we've determined that he likes cooking shows (except when they prepare rabbit), CSI, football, and Pawn Stars (I assume he's trying to figure out how much he can get for us).

  2. LOL, Pawn Stars, I love that show, except how Rick laughs after he or anyone says anything, anything at all. Next time you watch it, that will be all you'll notice, lol. So, Jade, does this mean you're now a Bun Life Groupie? If so, then I need to make it official by sending you the welcome kit. It includes three headshots (signed) of Frannie, and that's it actually. Gee, I guess I shouldn't have (or as they say on You Tube, "shouldn't of") let Frannie assemble that kit after all.

  3. Yeppers, you can add Mickey and I to the Bun Life Groupie club. We've already got Bun Life on our "Rabbit Blogs We Like" list on our blog, The Zen of Bun. Mick says he'll trade a signed headshot of Frannie for one of him, assuming Thumper doesn't get too jealous.

    Oh, and yes, Rick laughs at pretty much everything, but it's one of those laughs you don't mind hearing for the most part unless you're watching a Pawn Stars marathon,--in which case it gets old very fast.

  4. Great Jade! Glad to hear it. Now, one thing we need to get out of the way..the membership fee. We charge annually, and it is on special right now for only $499.00 per year USD. Since you are not yet a groupie technically, I can't give you the groupie discount (sorry). We sell them in blocks of 10 years and 50 years. Frannie takes Paypal, Visa and Oxbow, please remit payment when you get a chance, thanks! Welcome to the "family!" lol.


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