The Bun Life - Sydney, The Little Dwarf Rabbit Heating Pad/Pillow

The SYD1000 Model Heating Pad

I love all my bunnies equally, but each one has their own personality and characteristics that become my favorite thing about them. Thumper would be a great pillow, but he would likely shred me to pieces if I tried that. Frannie might make a good pillow, if you like sleeping with a pumpernickel bagel, I happen to not. Then we have little Sydney.

Sydney, when he is on the ground at your feet, is a psychotic individual, a bunny serial killer if there is such a thing. If you were a bunny, you wouldn't want to live next to him, and would want him on the Nutcase Registry. He wouldn't be able to live within 100 miles of a bunny school.

As you know though, when you pick him up and sit him on your lap, or just hold him, he becomes Little Orphan Bunny, licks you to death, and is just an all around cutie. What I have been doing lately is sitting him on my lap, watching TV. He does that for a good hour, then starts to get a little fidgety, so I let him walk around on the other side of the couch/love-seat, I just use my arm to block him when he starts getting froggie wanting to jump off the couch. I laugh because every time I block him he grunts and whimpers to himself (but surprisingly never bites). I know he is saying to himself, "Oh come on! Why can't I just jump down??" Like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

To stop him from getting all crazy, I cuddle him and just rest my head on him. I don't put any weight on him or anything, I am real careful about that. Then, I noticed that he happens to find that very comforting, as most bunnies love the stuffed in a can feeling, it makes them feel safer. I know this because he has now started falling asleep when I do it! LOL. Tonight I did it and he was out like a light. I swear, he is the best heating pad ever! Maybe I can modify the position to soothe my trapezoid muscles? lol. Is it wrong for me to use little squibs as a small appliance? Talk about adorable, GOD I have the best bunnies, nah nah nah.. nah.. na na!


  1. Charles Schultz had it wrong. Happiness is a warm bunneh. :)

  2. Isn't that the same guy who wrote, "There once was a man from Nantucket..?" Wait, I think I may have mixed up my names. lol.

  3. Now Mills want a heating I go. Sydney is a little sweetie!

  4. I get a ten second neck warmer....that's about it. But bountiful nose kisses, and doesn't get much better that sweet bunny kisses!!!

  5. Oh's Nutmeg's turn to feel uncomfortable. I've had a horrible migraine the past 24 hours, but even so, she had plenty of love and free time this morning. When I came upstairs this evening for dinner and treats, I found a HORRIBLE case of poopy butt!!!!!! EEEEK! The putrid aroma of soft stools did nothing for the integrity of my well being (if you suffer from migraines you know that smells can make the pain and nausea worse), but that said, cleaning a cage and giving an uncooperative bunny a butt bath in the sink all adds up to a miserable night. Please keep Nutty in your thoughts---I'm hoping it was just a passing issue, but if she's still sick tomorrow, an emergency visit to the vet is in order. I don't wait around if soft/mushy stools are present. Fingers crossed that she's back to her usual pooper tomorrow!!!

  6. Sorry to hear that Sharon, maybe you should lessen her greens intake while it clears up, less greens and more hay.


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