The Bun Life - Get Well Mr. B

Been a little bit since I posted last, been very busy lately, Frannie finally got her disability check and is pricing out clown colleges in the Greater New York area. I always wondered, is there a Not-So Great New York Area, or maybe even the dreaded Sucky New York Area? What a stupid language English is sometimes. Park in a driveway and drive on a parkway, stupid right? I'd like everyone to take a knee really quick:

Mr. B and Monet (R.I.P.)
My friend Catherine, who is an Official Bun Life Groupie by the way, is worried sick over one of her bunnies Mr. B, an all black lop mix and a real cutie (loves to be pet on his side, at least he does by me :) ). He has been having problems on and off with sludge in his bladder, they think he might even have a UTI. She has been running him back and forth to the best vets in NYC, so she is doing all she can, so let's all pray that he gets better and bounces back. I know she loves him very much, as all of us do of our bunnies, so I am sure we all can relate. Also, it is her birthday (well, it was yesterday the 6th) so hopefully her and Mr. B can catch a birthday break as well.

If you are really feeling generous and kind, I am now accepting donations for Frannie's clown college fund starting today. Clown college is really expensive, they charge you 5 bucks per scarf they pull out of the clown hat, and you already know that those damn scarfs never seem to end! To donate money to Frannie's Fund, click here. Thanks, your generosity will surely go unnoticed!


  1. I hate clowns so I wont be chipping in.

    Get well soon Mr.B I will be thinking of you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words & the healing thoughts from all. Mr B had a rough 5 days & is on the road to recovery, each day getting a little better. Fortunately he has two exceptional rabbit-specialist vets treating him! He's still in healing mode eliminating sludge and the infection. Best birthday present ever when he was feeling better!
    (About that clown college fund, wasn't Fran banned from applying to any clown colleges...)

  3. Catherine..
    my thoughts are certainly with you and Mr. B!!!! Glad to know he's on the mend.

    And so pleased to know that Frannie's distress was quickly resolved so she can go back to her regularly scheduled disapproval.

    While Clown College is just a pipe dream (sorry Frannie), I'll be happy to donate a round, red, beepy nose to the cause. I'm sure Fran would just LOVE it

  4. Sharon, I'm a little insulted that you didn't think of sending Nutmeg to clown college, I mean she has it in her blood, why are you standing in the way of her dreams?? Does this have to do with the litterbox??