The Bun Life - When New Bunny Becomes Old Hat

Bunnies are like children. When you first get them, everything they do is new and exciting, then you spend the remainder of their life wishing you never had them. Whether it is asking for the car keys on a Friday night, or turning your couch into the latest construction (demolition actually) project, a pain in the @ss is a pain in the @ss, no matter how you slice it.

Seriously though, I noticed today that I am always hurrying to do this or that, and am preoccupied with a million other things. I reminded myself today that neither we or bunnies are here indefinitely. Don't get me wrong, I love my rabbits like they were my children (eww, not the best analogy after me trash talking children above huh?). Their presence is such a stable, permanent part of my daily life that I could feed them and clean their litter boxes without even realizing what I am doing, second nature like.

So I am going to do one new thing for my rabbits today, I'll build a new cardboard fort for them, just something different than the other one. I know they love to explore new stuff, and they deserve the attention because they have definitely affected my life in a very positive way. I urge all of you to do the same, do something new for your bunnies today, or tomorrow, or the next day.

You might try taking a cardboard box and put magazines and paper in there. I did this for Frannie and Thumper and they loved it, they were digging in that thing the whole night. I could've sworn I even saw a utility lamp hanging above so they could work throughout the night. I can't prove it, but it was real to me! However, somehow Thumper came along with his one brain cell and mistook the new play box for a litter box. That was the end of that :)

I got the idea originally from a forum member who was trying to stop her bunny from digging to China in her living room or anywhere else he went. She created the box of magazines and paper and he never dug anywhere else after that, pretty cool. I also notice that a new toy or activity livens up the bunnies, even though they love routine and stuff not changing.


  1. I decided to take you're advice and do something new for one of you're rabbits. I was so impressed with Sidney's awesome behavior the last time that i went out and got him a special friend. His new ferret should be arriving soon! No, don't thank me know, just save me a rabbit's foot for luck. Luv U SID!

  2. You are a good bunny dad :) My rabbits shred up my carpets, and lately sogna is obsessed with tearing up her litter box, but I worry that any new box they see they think "litter" and that would be the end of that and then we'd be up to three.

    But you've brought up a fascinating question. Why do I love bunnies and loathe children? Both are kind of a money pit. Both invade your personal space. I guess the big difference is that bunnies are quiet, but with their cardboard toys, they're really not. Fascinating.

  3. Cardboard boxes? While I was packing, I discovered my bun has a new talent: drumming! He put a hole in an empty cardboard box and continued to 'drum' several other holes through the night! He's earned the nickname Ricky 'BaBaLoo' Ricardo for his proficient bongo rhythm performances he wakes us up to every night!

  4. After your post I decided to try a dig box. It met the same fate as yours. Peed in. The digging in the litter box continues. Although this morning Jon gave her an empty litter box in front of the real one and that seems to have been a decent temporary fix.

  5. Yeah, it is only a matter of time before they pee in a box. They'll check it out, dig a little, then say, "Ah screw it, what are they gonna do, fire me?"