The Bun Life - Ouch!

Poor Sydney, he tore his whole nail out on one of his paws. I saw some blood so I got really worried for a min, but then was glad it was only a nail. Don't get me wrong, I know that hurts like a son of a gun. I sat him on counter, wrapped it until it stopped bleeding. Took about 10 minutes, he seems 100% again. It will grow back, I just hate to see animals in pain, especially rabbits, especially MY rabbits. I love how I am there to help all three of them whenever they need something, but they would slit my throat in a heartbeat if I came in between their food or hay. All give and no take, not fair!


  1. Test comment, please disregard.

  2. My bun is a shredder, loves to decimate the rugs. Occasionally I find a nail embedded in the rug. But whenever I check my bun's nails, they're all accounted for! Obviously they grow back fast. Seems to be an occupational hazard with buns. Poor Syd!

  3. Poor Syd. :( Hope he's feeling better.

    We used to find the cat's nails all over my parents' house. but cats can shed nails.