The Bun Life - Thumper: Not the Best Posterboy for the Male Gender

Poor Thumps, as all 5 of you know, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Women constantly talk about how men only care about food, sex, and sleep, and Thumps is not about to start a revolution, lets just put it that way. Even though he is fixed, he still acts like he's walking around...err..with a loaded gun, if you know what I mean. It is so funny some of the things he does, he is so predictable. Lets run down a list of Thumper's priorities, from most important to least important:

  1. Food (and whoever he has to kill to get it is fair game)
  2. Face Humping Frannie (she's lowered the frequency of this to only on his birthday)
  3. Traditional Missionary Humping Frannie
  4. Side/Lateral Humping Frannie
  5. Snuffing Out Frannie's Life if there happens to be a male rabbit within sight.
  6. Killing Sydney
  7. All Forms of Sleep
  8. Breeze
  9. Scanning the room for hours for no apparent reason.
  10. Plot my death
Anyway, what made me laugh this morning was what Frannie did. I took a few Craisins out for the bunnies, gave each of them one, then both start going frantic trying to be the first in line to get the next one. Well eventually, they wound up face to face, nose to nose like a standoff, noses touching. I was behind Thumper, he couldn't see me of course, and Frannie was facing directly at me now grooming Thumper's head. I handed her a Craisin, she had her head over his because he is the dominant one, but it worked to her advantage because she could take a Craisin, eat it, then go right back to grooming his head and he never knew what was going on. I swear, I nearly burst my spleen with laughter when I saw it. Frannie's cruelty just knows no limits!!


  1. Poor Thumps. He really is quite like a human man. Not too bright but damn good looking ;) Sometimes I really want to feel bad for Thumper, but then, I don't know if he really knows how Fwannie constantly manipulates and bamboozles him.

  2. Like a true man though, smart or not, if it comes down to it, he will kick your ass, and that always trumps intelligence (in the immediate anyway). "Only on his birthday" man that stuff cracks me up.