The Bun Life - Bunny Madlibs are Funny Madlibs

I want all of you to contribute on this one. In case you don't know what a madlib is, it is basically a funny fill-in-the-blank story where you fill in the blanks before you actually read the story. You are asked to provide a list of 10 kinds of things. Then you fill in the story with the corresponding items and read it, usually they are funny. I loved these when I was older, as I've gotten younger I find myself wanting to do them more (uh..what?)

As you might have guessed, the madlibs are going to be bunny related, who'd a thunk it right? Baby Fwan wanted to make it about Polish Yahtzee, but I just didn't see too much of an audience for that.

So here is the deal. I will give you all a list of items you need to pick, and you comment with your results. When enough are in, I will then post the madlib and fill it in with everyone's answers. I think it should be pretty funny, especially with me writing the madlib, being the unreal comical god that I am. Okay, enough B.S. (that stands for Bachelor of Science), here is the list I need. be sure to number them when providing your answers.

  1. Name you would name your bunny if you had to change its name.
  2. Human body part
  3. Figure skating trick
  4. Part of a bunny they have two of
  5. Part of a bunny they have one of
  6. Bunny name you aren't fond of
  7. Weird Tropical bug
  8. Some crazy rare virus or disease
  9. speed (in miles per hour)
  10. Futuristic gadget noone has invented yet
  11. karate move
  12. Verb that ends in "ed" such as chopped, climbed, etc.
  13. A bad habit of yours
  14. TV show with animals in it
  15. Item of laundry

That's it! Give me those 15 things and number them in your comment, when we have a good amount I will post the madlib story. I am sure you will get a great laugh of it. If you don't, I am sure I won't care very much either LOL!!!


  1. Just stumbled on your blog and havent laughed so hard in a good while! Being new to the world of house buns I am often bemused, perplexed, and stupified by the antics of triple B (Benjamin Bunny Boy), my sweet broken blue mini lop. He and your Fwan would make quite the destructo pair!

    My Madlib answers
    1. Caleb
    2. Elbow
    3. Triple Axel
    4. Ears
    5. Tail
    6. Fuzzy-Wuzzy
    7. Palmetto Bug
    8. Sleeping Sickness
    9. 59mph
    10. Time machine
    11. Chop
    12. Jumped
    13. Too much diet coke
    14. Arthur
    15. Panties

    Thanks again for the laughs!

  2. 1. Howard Carter
    2. earlobe
    3. figure eight
    4. eyes
    5. tongue
    6. Jack
    7. Triatoma Dimidiatas (Honduras bloodsucking insect) aka Kissing Bug
    8. chagas disease
    9. 670,616,628.6 mph (the speed of light)
    10. tricorder
    11. kick
    12. exonerated
    13. biting my nails
    14. Dog Whisperer
    15. socks

  3. 1-saturn
    2-achilles tendon
    7-soldier ant
    9-768 mph
    10-magic wand
    11-round house kick
    13-slurping soup
    14-All Creatures Great and Small

  4. 1. ChewChew
    2. Big Toe
    3. Triple lutz
    4. Front teeth (uppers)
    5. Tail
    6. Bugs
    7. Whirligig Beetle
    8. Leprechaunism
    9. 3 mph
    10. Automatic bathroom cleaner
    11. block
    12. raved
    13. Spider Solitaire
    14. Animal Rescue
    15. work shirt