The Bun Life - Back On The Scene, Nah Mean?

Okay, okay, you don't have to yell! I know, I'm sorry about not posting for a bit, but if you knew why I didn't then I am sure you will not only forgive me, but be empathetic for my situation. Now, I hate when people make up some B.S. story to avoid having to admit their irresponsible behavior, so you will NEVER get that from me. We are friends, and I don't lie to my friends.

With that said, I can tell you what is going on. The amazing truth is that me, Fran, Thumper, Sydney, and a Wild Bore (don't ask) were abducted by Aliens. Please, I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is 100% true. I swear on my children's grave!! Or is it "graves?" What if I bury them together, in the same grave? How about childrens' "graveii?" I don't think just because I don't have children that I can't swear on them. Anyway, back to the stor...I mean account of what happened.

I was sitting at home, with the buns, and all of a sudden we found ourselves inside an Alien spacecraft, naked! Well, I was naked anyway. How embarrassing! Just like the dream I use to have about going to school but forgetting to get dressed! We were held in the ship for the whole time, subjected to horrific experiments. We were beamed back early because of good behavior, and now we are BACK!

Okay, now for the experience that I had this morning which made me post again. In my parents' housing community, for the last 3 years there has been a rumor of a jet black straight-eared bunny hopping around here. We are on the Eastern tip of LI, so lots of grass, deer, and farms, and rabbits. Black bunny means domestic bunny though, an ABANDONED domestic bunny most likely. I didn't think the rumors were true because of everything I've learned.

Then, a neighbor of my parents told them that he had seen the phantom bunny around the other day, but this time he wasn't alone. They said that he has made a friend, and it was a wild cottontail bunny. He said they seemed "inseparable". Bonded? Really? Wild and Domestic? I seriously doubted the details of the sighting. This morning, I was driving out of the community, a week earlier I started bringing the camera with me everywhere in case I spotted the ghost bunny, and I got lucky. The domestic bunny, who I named "Bun In Black" was indeed a real bun, and I love how when he saw me in the car he turned his head and looked at me, ears pointed up and the nose wiggling away, lol. The truth is, the battery was dead in the camera from sitting there, and they played and jumped over one another for about 20 minutes. I will get another chance I hope, anyway here is the 27 seconds of video I got:

Now tell me, do you see a frightened, starved bunny? No, quite the contrary actually, he seems happy as can be. This is very unusual, because most perish quickly, but this guy has the "hood on lock".


  1. You better be careful, it could be one of those aliens scouting out for victims..

  2. Good thing you wrote all this down; there could be a flash of memory-wiping bright light in your future...

    Here come the Buns in Black
    Won't let you remember
    Here come the Buns in Black
    Produce shelf defenders... :D

  3. "Produce shelf defenders" LOL. I've been singing the theme song all morning with your remix lyrics. Too funny.