The Bun Life - I Like To Read Stories Like This

Hello, all! I just got an email via RSS from the Best Friend's Animal Shelter website that chronicles a nice two-bunny adoption by an eleven-year old girl Kristen and her family. I know what you're thinking, girl adopts bunny, not exactly front-page news, right? However, a lot about the story made me feel good, which is rare for a news piece. It wasn't an impulse decision, the parents made their daughter do her homework (which she did, from my understanding), and they all took everything into consideration before adopting. As someone who has volunteered for rabbit rescue before, and has done multiple pre-adoption home visits, I can say that these type of adoptions are always the most successful. I mean for everyone, including the bunny. Don't get me wrong, it is fine if only one member wants the bunny, but the chances of a happy adoption go up if the whole family is on-board.

So two dew-claws up for Kristen and her family! I know this may seem out of place, but if you ever want another bunny I have a black and white Pumpernickel bunny that I am trying to get rid of. She is really a great rabbit, you can't approach her or pick her up, or come near her in any way, and she tears and chews up everything you own, but aside from that she is a real doll. If you're interested I can FedEx her to you overnight. Don't worry, I'll poke some holes in the box. She'll be fine, hopefully. Anyways, don't feel pressured, seriously, as long as you can give me an answer in the next 24 hours, but don't feel pressured by any means, okay? Good luck with your two though, I'm going to sew up my love seat, good night!


  1. It's true, it's always better when the whole family is 100%. Those are the best adoptions, when Mom, Dad, Kids, Grandma and Auntie who doesn't even live there all come down to meet bunny ahead of time and all have great questions and are all super excited about it.

  2. No doubt about it. We have seen too many come back to us because (particulary a spouse) wasnt interested in the bunny.

    Stop trying to give away Miss Pumpernickel or I will send you all 4 of mine......and Millie bites so watch out when you open the box.

  3. That is a delightful article and I appreciate you pointing out a bit of good news.

    I think you may be stuck with Frannie. No matter what, methinks you doth protest too much. She's in your heart (and your sofa), so you best just grin and bear it!

  4. Oh, and in another note, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is an amazing place for rescue animals of all kinds. From dogs and cats, to rabbits and pigs, horses to parrots...they take them all in. If you've never checked out their website you definitely should. Such a worthy cause, and I can say I am a proud member :)

  5. Yes, BFAS is a great place, they represent the side of humanity that gives me hope. I read in the paper today about a burning SUV on the side of the highway, a bunch of strangers and then ultimately EMS/Cops all pulled this guy out to safety, saving his life and risking theirs in the process. I like to think of rescues as a bunny's 911. The only problem is that they don't call 911, we have to find them instead, and that takes an altruistic heart. Godspeed everyone!


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